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I’m Vikash Lavaniya, an Engineer from India, with interests in reading books, writing articles and short stories. My interests extend to photography(macro, light and motion), outdoor sports(hikes, run, and a few games).

I always had a hunch to start sharing my experiences with the people around me. Be it travel experience, a book summary or a letter to a friend; I have a firm belief that photo story is an effective way to communicate with all the age groups. 

I frequently include a few phrases in Hindi while writing my experiences due to my belief of it being significant in creating a connect with the Indians. My interest in writing short stories and photography makes it a joy ride for me to be the creator of “Hum Ghummakkad”.

I enjoy travelling across new places while interacting with the people around, and having good vegetarian food on my table is enough to make me smile. 

Since my childhood, I have travelled and stayed in multiple Indian states/territories with Rajasthan, Punjab, NCR, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Puducherry, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa etc. to name a few. These experiences makes me familiar with diverse Indian culture and food.

I am reachable on my email and social media for any queries or discussions.

Thanks for visiting us 🙂