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Travel Experiences

Kedarkanth – 7 Lessons My First Winter Trek Taught

Four days of trek under persistent rain and snowfall was full of a lot of new experiences, survival skills, lifetime lessons and an experiences of its own type. Be it the foggy morning, breakfast under mild showers, slippery climbs under heavy rains, proper use of gears, packing everything out, first snow fall experience, everything added to our experiences and appeared to teach us a lesson in its own way.

Travel Experiences

Kedarkanth Winter Trek – its Fluffy White Blanket

This picture exhibits a bunch of friends trekking through the trails of Kedarkanth trek route in northern India. The group felt lucky to experience four days of snowfall and enjoyed the scenic beauty throughout the trek duration. This trek is popular amongst seasonal trekkers and the beginners due to its beautiful forests and stunning clearings making way to multiple campsites across the trek. The trek is not easy and is steadily steep right from the start.